When will my coffee be roasted?

We aim to roast all orders within 48 hours of the order being placed. In extremely rare cases, this is not possible and you will be notified by email when your coffee is expected to be roasted. 

When and who will deliver my coffee?

All deliveries are completed by MyHermes and all coffee is dispatched as soon as roasting is completed. You will receive an email confirming your order has been dispatched. The postage and packing price is £3.95 (UK) per bag and £9.99 per bag for the rest of the world. A tracking number will be sent by email. 

When does Barista training happen?

Most barista training will happen on a weekend day - mainly Sunday's and the time is flexible around you and the trainer. If you wanted to do a weekday then this is possible, however there would be a longer wait until we could find a date for this. However, whatever your availability - please enquire as we might be able to accommodate you.

What is speciality coffee?

Profile Coffee Company only sells Speciality coffee – which means that they are widely considered the best coffees available in the world. The reason they are so ‘special’ is because more care is taken at each stage of the coffee’s journey. Once it is handpicked and processed in the perfect growing conditions, it is shipped to our roastery where it is roasted to perfection then sent straight to you so you get the most fresh, highest quality coffee possible. 

Where is coffee grown

Coffee is grown across the world in a section that we call ‘The Coffee Belt.’ It stretches across the world, just below the equator. Some of the parts it goes through is; Brazil, Sumatra, Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. The largest coffee growing continents in the world are South America and Africa.

How is coffee proccessed?

There are two main ways of processing coffee. The first is the dry process, this is where the fruit of the coffee plant is placed in the baking hot sun and the moisture in the fruit evaporates out – leaving the coffee beans and the husks of the fruit to be separated. The other is the wet process; this is where the fruit of the coffee plant is placed into a series of machines where high jets of water separate the beans from the husks of the fruit by detecting their different densities. Both of them affect the flavour of the coffee in the cup at the end but they both are wonderful.

Why is coffee roasted?

Unroasted coffee beans are called ‘Green Coffee Beans’ and don’t taste or smell of anything. They are insoluble in water – even when ground and in order to increase solubility, coffee is roasted. Many reactions happen during the roasting process and these reactions increase solubility and also develop those beautiful coffee aromas, which we all know, and love. 

Why is freshness so important?

Roasted coffee has lots and lots of natural oils and gases, which make it, taste and smell nice. These oils are developed during roasting and any oxygen they are exposed to over a period of time takes them out of the coffee. This makes the coffee taste stale and nobody wants that! All of this can be avoided by making sure that you receive your coffee as soon as possible after it has been roasted – so that’s exactly what we do. All coffee is roasted to order so you get the best and most fresh coffee available.


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